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Starting 1991, Creative Performance Racing (CPRRACING) has been a company that relies on its products of highest quality, puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as service quality and sustains the strength of its past into the future. Based on the principles of the innovative approach to performance part, CPR has been dedicated to providing latest products and solutions to its customers for daily drive and high-performance both street and track applications. The success we achieved on the track and on the Dyno consumables fuel components It’s clear evidence of that customer trust. We have transformed into a global company and achieved a great deal of success, both at home and internationally. During this period, when we are daily consolidating our leadership and trying to keep abreast of the pace with which the world is changing, we are inevitably focusing on investing time and resources in our brand. Combining the strengths of premium quality high-performance fuel management components and Integration of powertrain with a Performance Enthusiast, Extensive know-how of Over 25 years and also offering all of this at a fair price on our products and service, CPR RACING positions itself as a leading company and a very well-known brand in the world, Thank you Team CPR 


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*Please note: All price on CPR web page are MSRP, Call your Local Speed Shop to get the better price or email us for a code to get a discount.



IT BACK AGAIN  CPR will wILL Raff off a set of  ls3 Black GM fuel Rails SKU 46001


March 25th Meet Bob Adel at 1-2 pm, And Kevin Reini & Jason Franklin excitement tour at 2-3 Pm. We will be at Motor city hot rod & racing expo, The event will be at Suburban Showplace

Hour Saturday 9-6pm and Sunday 9-3pm

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